CV7-HR – High speed ultrasonic wind vane-anemometer

The CV7-HR ultrasonic wind sensor is designed for racing boats. The calculation of the wind speed and wind angle increases to 120 Hz with a transmission speed of 38400 baud in NMEA0183-HS®. The measurement accuracy is not affected thanks to the 700 mm carbon arm, which prevents from upwash effects.

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The ultrasonic wind vane-anemometer CV7-HR is a high-speed sensor designed for racing yachts.

Faster than the CV7 and CV7-V, the transmission speed of the CV7-HR allows a greater reactivity for the calculation of wind speed and wind angle at 120Hz, i.e. 120 times per second.

CV7-HR is NMEA0183-HS® with a 38400 baud rate.

The 700 mm long carbon arm places the sensor head out of the upwash effects that could affect the measurement accuracy.

On demand of offshore racing skippers, LCJ Capteurs has developed this ultrasonic wind vane-anemometer based on the CV7-C from which reliability and technology have been validated for many years at sea all over the world. Its high raw data rate allows for communication with high-end autopilots.



4 wires
– Red: +12 VDC (9 to 16 VDC, 8mA)
– Blue: 0V
– Yellow: NMEA0183® output +
– Green : NMEA0183® output –

Measurement range:

Wind speed: 0.25 to 80 knots 
Wind angle: 0 to 359°
Temperature: -15°C (without icing) to +55°C

Measurement sensitivity:

Wind speed: 0.25 knots 
Wind angle: +/-1°
Air temperature: +/- 1°C 

High speed NMEA0183® sentences used:

IIMWV: Angle, Wind speed and Measurement validity
WIXDR: Air temperature
PLCJ: manufacturer’s data
PLCJE: manufacturer’s data
Baud rate: 4 messages per second condensing the 120 wind measurements per second. 

Complies with the European CE standard 


NMEA0183-HS® – 38400 bauds
B&G MHU : WS700


CV7-HR – High speed ultrasonic wind vane-anemometer includes

– CV7-HR sensor with a 700 mm vertical carbon pole
– Mounting Bracket
– Cable (25 m) 4 X 0.22 mm²
– User and installation manual
– 2-year warranty, parts and labour, in our premises 

Recommended retail price for the CV7-HR:

720.00 Euros exc. VAT
864.00 Euros incl. VAT