The accuracy of marine surface winds from ship

The accuracy of marine surface winds from ship

How and where to measure the wind on a boat with an ultrasonic wind sensor ?

It’s sometimes difficult to know how to measure the wind on a boat. The wind movement is unique according to the structure, in particular on boats. The positioning of a wind vane anemometer is not insignificant on a boat. Indeed, the shape of the boat will have an impact on the wind speed. You will have more details in this study for commercial vessels : Wind flow study

This study can be easily transposed to a building.


mesure du vent selon le bateau

Source :

The Accuracy Of Marine Surface Winds From Ships And Buoys
Peter K. Taylor*, Elizabeth C. Kent, Margaret J. Yelland, and Ben I. Moat
Southampton Oceanography Centre, Southampton, SO14 3ZH, UK.

* Corresponding author address:
Peter K. Taylor, James Rennell Division for Ocean
Circulation and Climate, Southampton
Oceanography Centre, European Way,
Southampton, SO14 3ZH, UK