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Our ranges of ultrasonic wind vane-anemometers are suitable for a wide range of private and professional purposes, such as marine applications (yachting, ocean racing, commercial vessels, amateur and professional fishing, maritime and military administrations) and land-based applications (precision agriculture, wind turbine, HVAC, public safety, sports, air quality, acoustic measurements, firefighting, smart buildings, autonomous weather stations, etc…).

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Discover our Terrestrial range

We provide our customers with high definition, Ultra Low Power consumption, lightweight ultrasonic wind sensors, without overcost compared to standard mechanical systems. We design robust, reliable and accurate ultrasonic wind vanes-anemometers, compatible with all the interfaces used on weather stations. According to the specifications defined with the customer, our R&D department meets the requirements in order to manufacture a tailor-made product. We provide ultrasonic wind sensors to be integrated into weather stations, connected agriculture systems, smart buildings, sport applications, pollution detection systems, and many other activities. All our products are manufactured and tested in our workshops in France.

Discover our Marine range

Since 1999, our ultrasonic wind sensors have not only been used by leisure sailors, but are also installed on professional boats thanks to their robustness, lack of wear, and their longterm measurement repeatability. Regatta sailors appreciate the sensitivity in low wind conditions, the light weight and low power consumption of our sensors. We have designed a suitable model for each purpose (sailboats, power boats, leisure boats, racing boats, fishing boats, passenger and rescue vessels etc..). For over 20 years, sailors from all over the world have been using our sensors with satisfaction. 

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