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We offer the bests Ultrasonic Wind Sensors with ultra-low power consumption at competitive prices. We manufacture robust, reliable, accurate Ultrasonic Wind Sensors which are compatible with all interfaces used on meteorological installations. All units are made in France and fully tested before despatch with a test log saved against serial numbers.

Our RandD office can develop specific solutions following specific requirements set in a project brief defined together. We adapt the manufacturing process to your custom made product. Our sensors are used in meteorological stations, connected agriculture, smart buildings, sport, and pollution, to name a few.

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Discover our Marine range

Our sensors are used by all kind of sailors since 1999. They are very famous by professionals who are looking for robustness and accuracy for their work boats.

On sailboats, sensitivity in the low wind, low weight and the ultra-low power consumption of our ultrasonic wind sensors and mostly recognised and appreciated.

Given the diversity of the boats and requirements for wind data measurement, we have developed specific models for each kind of boat: racing sailing boats, cruising sailing boats, power boats, fishing boats, passenger shuttles, sea rescue and much more.

Our Ultrasonic Wind Sensors are giving accurate wind data to sailors for more than 20 years on the seven seas.

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Why our ultrasonic wind sensors do not need any maintenance ?


Why our ultrasonic wind sensors do not need any maintenance ?


LCJ CAPTEURS GOES ON HOLIDAYS!   Dear clients, LCJ CAPTEURS will be closed from 04 August to 26 August included, due to annual holidays. Orders will be processed until 30 july. We ask you to please inform us of you requirements as soon as possible.......

NEWS of LCJ CAPTEURS Either on the ground or on the sea, the security aspect is essential. We are glad to see that our French know how helps this important field.   PROCAR DEMAS In order to protect the population against the potential pollution, the firemen from Bouches-du-Rhône......

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