The company

LCJ Capteurs designs and manufactures Ultrasonic Wind Sensors since 1999 

Our wind vane-anemometers are adapted to a wide range of public and professional uses:  sailing and working boats, passenger and military vessels, connected buoys, real-time data acquisition, precision agriculture, fire departments, amusement parks, HVAC systems, smart buildings, wind farms, sound measurement, remote weather stations, stratospheric balloons, and so on 

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The premises of the company LCJ sensors, located in Vertou in Loire Atlantique.

A human and technological adventure

Well-known in the marine industry, Mr. Lamiraux founded LCJ Sensors in 1999 after a successful career at MLR Électronique (radio-positioning and GPS pioneer) with the aim to lead the way in robust and accurate wind sensors, designed for marine use, with no moving parts, that are compact, lightweight, lowconsumption and affordable for all.  

Our company is a pioneer in the field of ultrasonic wind measurement for all, and this remains our aim.  

Our range has expanded along with the development of components, and our catalogue now provides solutions for all marine or terrestrial applications 

Christophe Michel, who joined the initial team, took over the company in 2012. He boosted the terrestrial sector, and developed product export, supported by the “Pays de la Loire” region and the “Nantes-Saint-Nazaire” Chamber of Commerce.  

Installation, control and oven for temperature tests in our premises of Vertou in Loire Atlantique

An innovative company

Located in Vertou (West of France), LCJ Capteurs is an innovative company producing its 6th generation of Ultrasonic Wind Vane-Anemometers. LCJ Capteurs has benefited from the support of the French innovation agency “OSEO”.  Tens of thousands of our ultrasonic wind sensors have been installed worldwide. 

LCJ Capteurs offers robust, reliable, accurate wind measurement equipment, adaptable to many interfaces. As a designer and manufacturer, we can provide tailor-made solutions upon specifications.

Local manufacturing

From the design to the final product, all technical and manufacturing aspects are carried out in France. 

Manufacturing is now divided between the Head Office located in Vertou near Nantes and the subcontractors that are located within a 50km radius. 

All assembly and quality control processes are handled in our own office in Vertou

Where to find us?

LCJ Capteurs
29 Allée des Cinq Continents
Z.A. Le Chêne Ferré
44120 VERTOU – France

+33 2 40 05 08 55