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Manuals for LCJ Capteurs marine ultrasonic wind sensors




Picture CV7 ultrasonic wind sensor
CV7_Operator Manual_GB
All options inside
anemometer, wind vane for motor boat

CV7-V_Operator Manual_GB
All options inside


Wind measurement software for LCJ Capteurs ultrasonic wind sensor

Wind software, statistic, recording
Software for visualization of wind measurement data.
The free version only allows visualization, the paid version allows the recording of data in a daily file.
StatMETEO runs on Windows and requires a RS232 COM port.

CV7 configuration software

setup wind sensor LCJ Capteurs

Setup software for ultrasonic wind sensor, LCJ Capteurs.

Config_CV7 software allows you to change the configuration stored in the CV7.


CV7 adjustable parameters:

  • Output data format
  • Wind data smoothing time
  • Wind speed unit
  • Temperature unit
  • Wind angle offset

Config_CV7 runs on Windows and requires a RS232 COM port.
Download file for CV7 and CV7-V.
Download file for CV7-C.
Unzip file in your directory