Innovative uses for our Ultrasonic Wind Sensors

Innovative uses for our Ultrasonic Wind Sensors

LCJ Capteurs’ Ultrasonic Wind Sensors prove themselves with increasingly innovative uses.

The UBC SailBot is a student team devoted to designing and manufacturing robotic sailboats.
They are using our Ultrasonic Wind Sensors to get wind speed and wind direction on their autonomous sailboat « Ada ».
Ada is hoping to be the first autonomous sailboat to succeed in crossing the Atlantic later this summer.

UBC Sailbot - LCJ CapteursAda sailing in Vancouver harbour. CV7s on the stern.

Our ultrasonic wind sensors are also used in various sports competition such as the
« Racing Aeolus »  which is one of the largest sustainability races in the world.
Each year, several teams integrate our sensors to complete their mechanical wind powered vehicle !
During the last edition, the Team « Baltic Thunder » from Germany and the Team « SPIRIT » of Amsterdam were guided by our CV7’s range.

 Baltic Thunder The Team « Baltic Thunder  » from Germany – 1 CV7-V above the pilot’s helmet


NeoVente-HAVAS - SPIRITThe Team « SPIRIT » of Amsterdam – 1 CV7-V  in front of the vehicle