Static angle sensor for rotating mast

Static angle sensor for rotating mast

Stop the hassle of the connecting rod and transmission belt !

By testing the static angle sensor, we validated that it was perfectly compatible with our option RM (rotating mast), interface for rotating mast NMEA2000. The RM LCJ Sensors interface is compatible with all of our CV7 and CV7-C range models.

You will simplify the installation of an angle sensor by removing the connecting rods, the transmission belts. In addition, it is directly powered in 12V, output compatible with our case RM in NMEA 2000 while presenting excellent linearity (see animation).

Mount the magnet under the mast, mount the SMART sensor on the roof, calibrate the RM interface … and it’s over.
SPS Series 100 degree arc high res photo-min


The Honeywell SMART Position Sensor is one of the most durable of the lightweight, adaptive linear position sensors available, enabling highly precising motion control and improving the efficiency and safety operations. It’s simple, contactless and design eliminates mechanical failure, improves reliability and durability.
The SMART position sensor detects the position of a magnet in relation to the sensor. There are two detection ranges available: 0 to 100 ° and 0 to 180 °.
capteur d'angle