A testimony that makes you happy!

A testimony that makes you happy!

A German yachtsman kindly told us about his satisfaction with the CV3F ultrasonic wind vane-anemometer on his Ohlson 38 sailboat, installed in 2006.

“Dear friends at LCJ Capteurs,

I just wanted to tell you about our CV3F model that we installed in 2006 and that continues to give great service on our Ohlson 38 sailboat.

Although the NMEA data set (wind, GPS, speed) has been available to our CETREK 619 autopilot for years, we never really used the wind (and navigator) data to use the autopilot because it didn’t look promising. So, the autopilot was not working well under wind (and gps) control and was not tracking the wind variations well enough. I always assumed this was due to the rather slow 1 Hz power supply to the wind measurement unit. Probably further slowed by the multiplexing of the NMEA data before it was submitted to the autopilot and other displays.

Now that we have light winds in Northern Europe for a longer period of time, we have made the effort to set the autopilot to sail downwind and the GPS. And eureka, the wind unit data submission works very well and the data rate is not a problem at all. The boat sails beautifully even in light winds of less than 7 knots when steered by the autopilot under wind control and as it is very responsive to the rudder. It will outperform any minor wind change detected by the wind sensor.

I continue to be very impressed with the wind vane-anemometer, which is extremely effective. The missing CheckSum is not an issue because we multiplex the data with an Actisense NDC-4, which adds one anyway, so that issue that was pointed out to you earlier is resolved.

In case the unit definitely gives up the ghost (the plastic doesn’t look as good anymore because of the UV light), I’ll probably come back and ask you for a new one.”

Thus, we continue to make every effort to satisfy requests and are grateful to users of our ultrasonic wind sensors for their valuable feedback regarding the performance and longevity of our products.