CV7SF2 – Wireless wind sensor

Wireless ultrasonic wind vane-anemometer. This version is optimal for installations where cable routing is difficult.

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The CV7SF2 wireless wind sensor features a 16Hz wind measurement frequency, which enables data refresh at 1 Hz frequency.

It is equipped with an interchangeable, latest generation technology LiFePo4 battery that withstands a large amount of charge/discharge cycles and tolerates high temperatures.

The radio protocol used has been widely tried and tested since 2013 on our previous versions. The 433 MHz transmission frequency provides a very good radio range and very good protection against interference. No peering system required.


– no cable, 433Mhz AM radio connection, transmit power 10dBm, message duration: 25ms.
– response time: once per second, day and night likewise
– powered by solar panel
– power storage per LiFePo4 battery 

Receiver unit :
– Super-heterodyne ASK 433 Mhz receiver, sensitivity: 110 dbm
– Screw terminal connections +12 VDC (5-14 VDC, 6mA) and 0V
– Yellow output: NMEA0183® +
– Green output: NMEA0183® – 

Measurement range: 
– Wind speed: 0.40 to 80 knots
– Wind angle: 0 to 359°
– Temperature: – 15°C (without icing) to +55°C

Measurement sensitivity: 
– Wind speed: 0.40 knots
– Wind angle: +/-2°
– Air temperature: +/- 2°C

NMEA0183® sentences: 
IIMWV: Angle, Wind speed, Measurement validity
WIXDR: Air temperature
WIMDA: Atmospheric pressure, Wind temperature
PLCJ: manufacturer’s data
Transmission speed: Bd 4800

Complies with the European CE standard 


NMEA0183® – Bd 4800
– FURUNO©, RD30, RD33, depth sounders, radars, NavNet, NavNet2, NavNet3,
– GARMIN, GMI10, GMI20, and all NMEA0183® equipment
– Navigation software: Adrena, FT NavVision, MaxSea, Noé, OpenCPN, SeaPro, ScanNav, Seapro, Sodena, StatMETEO. 

Compatible with all NMEA2000 equipment (see Option WindyPlug) and available with Option USB. 


– CV7SF2 wireless wind sensor and its receiver
– Mounting bracket
– Alignment tool
– User manual
– 2-year warranty, parts and labour, in our premises

Recommended retail price: 
720.00 Euros exc.VAT
864.00 Euros incl. VAT