First advertsing video: The BaroPlug barometer!

First advertsing video: The BaroPlug barometer!

On the occasion of the release of the BaroPlug barometer, here is a promotional video of our latest release.

Baroplug, the new barometer from LCJ Capteurs

The new Baroplug is a barometric sensor with a “Plug and Play” system for NMEA2000®instrumentation systems. With this barometer, it transmits atmospheric pressure and temperature. It comes with a MICRO plug and an indicator light. Small and light, it is easy to install. In fact, you just need to plug it into the backbone NMEA2000®. The connection will be made directly to the network displays to read atmospheric pressure.

Check it out at our distributor Pochon here.

Here is the new video from LCJ Capteurs about the Baroplug: