CV7-WINDYPLUG – NMEA2000 ultrasonic wind vane-anemometer

CV7 wind measuring instrument for sailboats combined with the WindyPlug interface that enables an integration into a NMEA2000® network. 

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The CV7-WindyPlug pack includes a CV7 ultrasonic wind sensor combined with the WindyPlug.
The CV7 is an ultrasonic wind sensor designed for sailboats. This sensor is suitable for all mastheads. Thanks to its oblique arm, it is easy to install on mastheads that are already equipped with antenna and navigation lights.
This new generation measurement instrument provides wind module data in knots or meters per second, relative direction in degrees and temperature in degrees Celsius, on a normalised serial electric line.  

Manufactured without mechanical parts, it is not subjected to wear. No spare parts are needed. Moreover, this sensor is resistant to shocks, birds….
It is not affected by the gyroscopic effect and remains accurate even to low wind. It compensates heel, and its small size limits windage. The built-in electronics are protected in a rugged housing. 

The WindyPlug, which is combined with it, also includes a barometer. An interface enables it to connect the wind sensor to a NMEA2000® installation. It features a MICRO C male plug enabling direct connection to the NMEA2000® bus. 


4 wires:
– Red: +12 VDC (9-16 VDC, 9mA)
– Blue: 0V
– Yellow: NMEA0183® output +
– Green: NMEA0183® output – 

Measurement range: 
Wind speed: 0.25 to 80 knots
Wind angle: 0 to 359°
Temperature: -15°C (without icing) to +55°C 

Measurement sensitivity: 
Wind speed: 0.25 knots
Wind angle: +/-1°
Air temperature: +/- 1°C 

Connector: MICRO male NMEA 2000®
Protection rate: IP66 (WindyPlug connected)
Power supply: via NMEA2000®. 8V / 28VDC
Consumption: 1 LEN / < 40mA with sensor.
Operation indicator: 1 flashing LED
Pressure sensor: hydrophobic membrane
Pressure measurement range: 850 hPa / 1150 hPa 

0,1 hPa with NMEA2000® V3
Relative accuracy*: +/- 0.5 hPa at 20°C
Absolute accuracy*: +/- 1.5 hPa at 20°C
*1 hPa = 1 mbar = 0.003 inHg / 0 °C = 32 °F 

-TX: 59904; 60928; 126464; 126996; 130306; 130312; 130314
– RX: 59392, 59904; 60928; 130315  

Complies with the European CE standard 


– NMEA2000® V3 Standard
Tested and approved with the following devices: B&G, Furuno, Garmin, Humminbird, Lowrance, Raymarine, Simrad 

– Navigation software connected to your NMEA2000 network: Adrena, FT NavVision, MaxSea, Noé, OpenCPN, SeaPro, 


The pack of CV7-WINDYPLUG – NMEA2000 ultrasonic wind vane-anemometer includes :

– CV7 sensor with 310 mm slanted arm
– Mounting Bracket
– 25 m cable – 4 X 0.22 mm²
– WindyPlug
– User and installation manual
– 2year warranty, parts and labour in our premises 

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864.00 Euros incl. VAT