This wind measurement instrument is designed for industry and smart buildings. It integrates a barometer module 

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This static sonic measurement instrument is mounted on a vertical pole and integrates the Modbus protocol. It complies with a common industrial standard for monitoring of dust, soot, noise generation, or smart building applications that interface the wind sensor with automatons.
It provides wind values: gusts over a 3 second period, mean values over a 10minute period. 


Wind speed measurement range 0.12 – 40 m/s 
Wind speed measurement resolution 0.1 m/s 
Wind speed measurement sensitivity 0.2 m/s 
Wind angle measurement range 0-359 °
Wind angle measurement resolution 1°
Wind angle measurement sensitivity +/-1°
Atmospheric pressure measurement range 20 kPa à 110 kPa
Atmospheric pressure resolution 0,01 kPa
Operating temperature (without icing):  -15°C à 55 °C
Sensor weight with stand 160 gr
Protection rate: IP67 


Note 1 : also corresponds to the maximum burst over 3s.
Note 2 : the quality index applies to the values at 10 min.
Note 3 :
0 : Decimal mode (Registers)
1 : MODBUS mode
Note 4 : resets a new measurement session.
Note 5 : the number of burst read register can not be greater than 20. In consequence, the maintenance registers adr 30021 to 30034 must be read separately.

– RS485 


– SONIC-ANEMO-MODBUS with a 25 m cable
– Mounting bracket with 4 nuts
– Alidade
– User and installation manual
– 2year warranty, parts and labour, in our premises 

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