SONIC-ANEMO-MODBUS – Ultrasonic wind sensor for industry

This wind measurement instrument is designed for industry and smart buildings. It integrates a barometer module.

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The SONIC-ANEMO-MODBUS is a static sonic wind measurement instrument with built-in barometer. This wind vane-anemometer is mounted on a vertical arm and integrates the Modbus protocol. It complies with a common industrial standard for monitoring of dust, soot, noise generation, or smart building applications that interface the wind sensor with PLCs.
It provides instantaneous wind speed and wind direction values, gusts over a 3 second period, average values over a 10-minute period and atmospheric pressure. 


Wind speed measurement range 0.12 – 40 m/s 
Wind speed measurement resolution 0.1 m/s 
Wind speed measurement sensitivity 0.2 m/s 
Wind angle measurement range 0-359 °
Wind angle measurement resolution 1°
Wind angle measurement sensitivity +/-1°
Atmospheric pressure measurement range 20 kPa à 110 kPa
Atmospheric pressure resolution 0,01 kPa
Operating temperature (without icing):  -15°C to +55 °C
Sensor weight with stand 160 gr
Protection rate: IP67 


Note 1 : also corresponds to the maximum gust over 3 s.
Note 2 : the quality index is applied to 10-minute values.
Note 3 :
0 : Decimal mode (Registers)
1 : MODBUS mode
Note 4 : resets a new measurement session.
Note 5 : The maximum number of registers to be read is 20. In consequence, the maintenance registers adr 30021 to 30034 must be read separately.

– RS485 


– SONIC-ANEMO-MODBUS with a 25 m cable
– Mounting bracket with 4 nuts
– Alignment tool
– User and installation manual
– 2year warranty, parts and labour in our premises

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