SONIC-ANEMO-DZP – Self-powered ultrasonic wind sensor

The SONIC-ANEMO-DZP is an ultrasonic wind sensor for professionnals, autonomous meteorological stations and informed amateurs.

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The SONIC-ANEMO-DZP is a self-powered ultrasonic wind sensor thanks to its solar panel. It is adaptable for isolated installations.
This device is compatible with the majority of data loggers on the market. It is connected to a potentiometer input for wind direction and pulses for wind speed as, for example, on Davis instruments.


Output format: pulse for the anemometer and potentiometer for the wind vane
Output data refresh : once per second
Wind module sensitvity: 0,12m/s
Wind module resolution : 0,05m/s
Wind module dynamic : 0,12-40 m/s
Direction sensitivity : +/-1°
Direction resolution : 1°
Power Supply : Autonomous with integrated solar pannel and battery
Electrical consumption : 0 mA
Operating temperature range : -15°C (without icing) /+55°C
Weight of the head : 100 gr
Support : Vertical 30 cm
Diameter : 16 mm
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Compatible with all Davis Instruments meteorological stations.
Compatible with most of data loggers on the market ; input 0-5 V and impulsion input.


The Self-powered ultrasonic wind sensor SONIC-ANEMO-DZP pack includes:

  • Mounting bracket
  • 12m cable length
  • Installation and operation manual
  • 2-year warranty, parts and labour, in our premises


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604,00 Euros exc. VAT.
724,80 Euros incl. VAT.