Iceland : Super-Jeeping and their electronic equipment.

Iceland : Super-Jeeping and their electronic equipment.

The “SuperJeeps”: the flagship activity in Iceland

In Iceland „SuperJeeps“ as they call them, are used to travel around the country in Wintertime as well as during the Summer, but Icelanders really enjoy using them in the winter time. They often ease the air pressure of the big tyres for better adherence on the snow.

The electronic equipment of the “SuperJeeps”

They travel onto glaciers and the open country where they can easily get into situations where the weather can shift from bad to worse. Therefore they need to have GPS and/or Plotters onboard to be able at least to go back in their tracks. They often use both GPS and PC navigation system.

Monitoring the wind is not only for fun, but also part of the safety.

LCJ_Capteurs_SuperJeeps_Garmin_Wind_Display_ZoomIn Iceland Super-Jeeping is very popular and their users fit them with a lot of electronic equipment.

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