LCJ Capteurs launches SONIC-SDI at MTW Expo 2014

LCJ Capteurs launches SONIC-SDI at MTW Expo 2014

LCJ Capteurs first time to exhibit at Meteorological Technology World Show.

LCJ Capteurs will show ultrasonic wind sensors on their stand 5160:

CV7-V: ultrasonic anemometer/wind vane, RS422/ RS232; ASCII format
CV7-V-USB: ultrasonic anemometer/wind vane powered by the USB port; ASCII format.

SONIC-SDI, sonic anemometer SDI-12

NEW! > SONIC-SDI: ultrasonic anemometer/wind vane; SDI12 protocol

CV7-V is a proven wind sensor for more than 5 years already in the marine industry as well as for terrestrial applications.
The CV7 strengths:
•    Compact, discreet
•    Responsive
•    Wide power supply range, low consumption
•    Accurate
•    Configurable
•    2 Hz rate, option for 4Hz
•    Excellent value for money

The new SONIC-SDI is a variation of the CV7-V, integrating the SDI12 protocol and optimising electrical consumption. Sample rate is 2 Hz or 4 Hz

The available data are:
–    Average speed and direction over 10 minutes
–    Minimum wind speed and direction for that period
–    Maximum wind speed (gust 3s) and direction for that period
–    Software version and serial number
–    Data measurement quality rate from the sensor
–    Data for sensor diagnostic (manufacturer use only)
–    2.6 mA consumption for sensor powered on
–    3.6 mA consumption when SDI-12 request
Supported SDI-12 version 1.3 functions:
? ; a ; aI ; aM | aM1 | aMx ; aV ; aC | aC1 | aCx ; aD0 | aDx ; aR0 | aRx ; aAb