The Vedette de Sûreté Maritime et Portuaire and the CV3F ultrasonic wind vane-anemometer

The Vedette de Sûreté Maritime et Portuaire and the CV3F ultrasonic wind vane-anemometer


The history of the “Maritime and Port Security Vedettes”

Vedettes de Sûreté Maritime et Portuaire (VSMP) can be translated by Maritime and Port Security Vedettes in english.

The VSMP were created in France in 2006 following the increase of security problems, safety of ships and marine transport ports. For this reason, the missions of security of the approaches and of the port waterways have been assigned to the French Navy for the main French ports.

Crédit : Vincent Groizeleau
Crédit : Vincent Groizeleau

The French Navy has delegated this task to the Maritime Gendarmerie. Nevertheless, the implementation of these missions requires adapted nautical means. On this occasion, it was important to create vessels that combine excellent speed and maneuverability performances. This is the origin of the maritime and port surveillance vessels (VSMP). Their nautical qualities are due to their rostrum hull, optimized waterline length and powerful diesel engines with one water jet each. Then, in September 2009, the first design projects for eight launches were signed. Thus, it was not until the spring of 2011 that the VSMPs were delivered.

What are the missions of the Vedettes de Sûreté Maritime et Portuaire?

First of all, the VSMPs carry out port security missions. To this end, they carry out prevention and, on occasion, counter the risks and threats coming from the sea, which are mainly aimed at port facilities and ships in port. In the same way, they also establish more general missions:

  • navigation police,
    judicial investigations,
    assistance at sea.
Crédit : AEMI Marine - LCJ Capteurs
Crédit : AEMI Marine - LCJ Capteurs
Crédit : AEMI Marine - LCJ Capteurs


For surveillance and interception missions around port facilities, VSMPs are particularly fast, for greater responsiveness. In particular, they can deal with situations that involve the use of weapons. For this purpose, the launches can theoretically have a fifth wheel for the installation of a machine gun on the front deck and a bench for the deployment of divers on the rear deck.

Some figures

  • Length : 12,64 meters
    Width : 3,88 meters
    Speed : 35 knots
    Weight : 11 tons

AEMI Marine : to the closest of VSMP

Our partner AEMI Marine gave us some great pictures of the military marine surveillance boat and our static wind sensor CV3F-AL. Indeed, the pictures show the construction site which is done in Calais. The construction of the launch in question is in its final phase. Finally, this VSMP is bound for the port of Saint-Nazaire. You can also consult another article published on the VSMP patrol boats of the national gendarmerie and the VEH patrol boats of the national navy that are also equipped. By the way, the CV3F wind vane-anemometer is the flagship product of our marine range.

Depending on the type of professional boat, the CV3F ultrasonic wind sensor can be accompanied by a 24V junction box. The CV3F, which has proven itself since 2001, is now used by thousands of professional boat crews on all seas of the world. Thanks to its robustness and accuracy, the CV3F ultrasonic wind sensor is indispensable for coastguards, sea rescue, professional fishermen, commercial vessels or even passenger transport. The CV3F ultrasonic wind vane-anemometer is compatible with NMEA0183® navigation units and can be supplied with some options (Barometer, 24V power supply, NMEA2000). It is delivered with all mounting accessories.

Crédit : AEMI Marine - LCJ Capteurs