CV3F-BARO3 – Ultrasonic wind speed indicator – wind vane

The CV3F-BARO3 is a CV3F wind speed indicator/wind vane combined with a 12 VDC junction box featuring an integrated barometer. 

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The CV3F-BARO3 is a wind speed indicator – wind vane combined with a 12 VDC junction box featuring an integrated barometer.
The CV3F is a sensor for allweather and work boats It can be used with any navigation software or displays that have a standardized NMEA0183® input port.
A barometric sensor is integrated in the 12 VDC power supply unit, which enables atmospheric pressure to be added to the data.
It comes with all the mounting accessories.  


Coaxial RG58 cable between the sensor and the junction box.
Connections on screw terminals in the junction box.
– +12 VDC (10-14 VDC, 25mA)
– 0V
– NMEA0183® + output
– NMEA0183® – output
– coaxial core
– coaxial shield 

Measurement range: 
Wind speed: 0.6 to 99 knots
Wind angle: 0 to 359°
Temperature: -10°C (without icing) to +50°C 

Measurement sensitivity: 
Wind speed: 0.6 knots
Wind angle: +/-2.5°
Air temperature: +/- 0.5°C
Operating temperature: -10°C (without icing) to +50°C

NMEA0183® sentences: 
IIMWV: wind angle, wind speed and measurement validity, transmit and refresh twice per second. 
WIMDA: air pressure
WIXDR: wind temperature
PLCJ: manufacturer’s data
PLCJE: manufacturer’s data
Transmission speed: 4800 Bd.
Complies with the European CE standard

Characteristics of the junction box: 
Dimensions: 68 x 58 x 22 mm
Power supply: + 12 VDC 


NMEA0183® – 4800 Bd.  

The CV3F is compatible with numerous devices installed on work boats. It was tested with the following systems:
FURUNO©: RD30, RD33, depth-sounders, radars, NavNet, NavNet2, NavNet3, TZT…
GARMIN©: all displays featuring a “wind” page and a NMEA0183® input.
Navigation software: AdrenaMaxSea and TimeZéroOpenCPNScanNavSeaProStatMETEO


– Ultrasonic wind sensor CV3F with vertical stand (31 cm)
– Junction box (12 VDC)
– 2 stainless steel fixing clamps
–  RG58 C/U coaxial cable (25 m)
– User and installation manual
– 2year warranty, parts and labour in our premises 

Recommended retail price for the CV3F-BARO3: 
580.00 Euros ex-VAT
696.00 Euros incl. VAT