CV7SF2-WINDYPLUG – Wireless ultrasonic wind sensor

The CV7SF2-WindyPlug is the ultrasonic wireless wind vane/anemometer which is working at all times of day and night, equipped with the WindyPlug interface.



The CV7SF2-WindyPlug is the wireless ultrasonic wind vane-anemometer that operates at all times of day and night, supplied with the WindyPlug interface. It operates under daylight and night time (in total darkness for 30 days). The wind measurement frequency is 16 Hz with data refresh of 1 Hz. A barometer is incorporated.

The product is supplied with a LiFePo4 battery. This battery can be charged or discharged lots of time and is interchangeable.



– No cable. Radio signal 433 MHz AM at 10dBm, message length: 25ms.
– Data update: 1 per sec. in daylight and night time
– Alimentation by solar cell
– Battery LiFePo4

Receiver box:

– Super heterodyne receiver ASK 433 Mhz, sensitivity: 110 dbm
– Connections on screw terminals +12 V DC (6 to 14 V DC, 6mA) and 0 V
– Yellow: output NMEA0183 +
– Green: output NMEA0183 –

Measurement range:

Wind speed: 0.40 to 80 knots
Wind angle: 0 to 359°
Temperature: -15°C (without icing) to +55°C
Atmospheric pressure : 750 to 1100 mB

Measurement sensitivity:

Wind speed: 0,40 knots
Wind angle: +/-2°
Temperature: +/- 2°C


Wind speed: 00.0
Wind angle: 000.0
Temperature: +/-00.0
Atmospheric pressure : 0000.00

NMEA0183® sentences used:

IIMWV: angle, wind speed and checksum
WIXDR: wind temperature
WIMDA: atmospheric pressure, wind temperature
PLCJ: manufacturer data
Data transmission: 4800 bauds
Complies with European regulations


NMEA0183® – 4800 bauds

– FURUNO©, RD30, RD33, depth-sounders, radars, NavNet, NavNet2, NavNet3 etc….
– GARMIN, GMI10, GMI20, all NMEA0183 equipments
Navigation softwares: Adrena, FT NavVision, MaxSea, Noé, OpenCPN, ScanNav, Sodena, StatMETEO, Euronav Seapro
The CV7SF2 is suitable with:

NMEA0183 standard
NMEA2000 standard*
Bluetooth *
Wifi *

* with option


The CV7SF2-WindyPlug pack includes:

  • CV7SF2 sensor and its receiver
  • WindyPlug NMEA2000 interface
  • Mounting bracket
  • Installation and operation manual
  • 2-year warranty, parts and labour at our premises

Recommended retail price :
832.50 Euros exc. VAT.
999.00 Euros incl. VAT.