The CV7-V is an adaptable ultrasonic wind sensor, installed on vertical arm.

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The CV7-V is the static weather vane, installed on vertical arm. The configuration is stored in EEPROM non volatile memory.

CV7-V can be used connected to a PC and any systems featuring an NMEA0183® input port and specific pieces of equipment using conventional formats. In PC mode, this bidirectional sensor can be set up for angle correction, damping, measure units and interface format.


Wiring :

4 wires

– Red : +12 V DC (9 to 16 V DC, 12mA)
– Blue : 0 V
– Yellow: output NMEA0183 +
– Green: output NMEA0183 –

Measurement range:

Wind speed: 0.25 to 80 knots
Wind angle: 0 to 359°
Temperature: -20°C to +60°C

Measurement sensitivity:

Wind speed: 0.25 knots
Wind angle: +/-1°
Temperature: +/- 1°C


Wind speed: 00.0
Wind angle: 000.0
Temperature: +/-00.0

Operational temperature:

-15°C (off ice) to +55°C

NMEA0183® sentences used:

IIMWV: angle, wind speed and checksum
WIXDR: wind temperature
PLCJ: manufacturer data
PLCJE: manufacturer data
Data rate: 4800 Bauds.
Complies with European regulations


CV7-V interface compatibility
NMEA0183® – 4800 bauds

CV7-V is compatible with:
FURUNO©, RD30, RD33, Depth-sounders, Radars, NavNet, NavNet2, NavNet3 etc…
GARMIN© all displays featuring a « wind » page and an NMEA0183 input port
NKE Topline, TL25, GyroPilote, MultiGraph, input port NMEA/Topline
SIMRAD: IS12 MEGA, IS15 Wind, IS15 Expendeur, interface SimNet AT10
Navigation software applications: Adrena, FT NavVision, MaxSea, Noé, OpenCPN, ScanNav, Sodena, StatMETEO, Euronav Seapro
Furuno© FI30 : Wind Data FI301, Server FI30
SILVA©/ NEXUS© : Wind Data NX2, Server NX2.


The CV7-V pack includes:

  • CV7-V sensor
  • Mounting bracket
  • 25 m cable 4X 0,22mm²
  • Installation and operation manual
  • 2 years guaranty parts and labour at our premises

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575,00 Euros excluding VAT.
690,00 Euros including VAT.