CV7-C-RM – High speed ultrasonic wind sensor for rotating mast

Combination of the CV7-C wind vane-anemometer for racing and the RM-CANBUS calculator – NMEA2000® interface for rotating mast, compatible with the SMART position sensor.

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Set of racing instrument that includes the CV7-C and the RM-CANBUS interface (Rotating Mast), which is an NMEA2000® rotating mast calculator with integrated barometer.

The CV7-C is a wind vane-anemometer that operates 2 times faster than the CV7 and CV7-V. The CV7-C-RM Pack is compatible with the SMART mast angle position sensor which allows for very accurate control of movement and improved operational efficiency and safety. It detects the position of a magnet relative to the sensor.


4 wires:
– Red: +12VDC (9-16 VDC, 9mA)
– Blue: 0V
– Yellow: NMEA0183® output +
– Green: NMEA0183® output – 

Measurement range: 
Wind speed: 0.25 to 80 knots
Wind angle: 0 to 359°
Temperature: -15°C (without frost) to +55°C

Measurement sensitivity:
Wind speed: 0.25 knots
Wind angle: +/-1°
Air temperature: +/- 1°C

High speed NMEA0183® sentences used: 
IIMWV: Angle, Wind speed and Measurement validity
WIXDR: Air temperature
PLCJ: manufacturer’s data
PLCJE: manufacturer’s data
Baud rate: 4 messages per second condensing the 32 wind measurements per second. 

Complies with the European CE standard 

SMART position sensor: 
Power supply: + 12 VDC
Measured angle: 0-100°

RM unit: 
Power supply: + 12 VDC
Power consumption via NMEA2000 bus: 2 LAN



– NMEA2000® V2
Tested and approved with the following devices: Furuno, Garmin, Humminbird, Lowrance.
Compatible with Honeywell® SMART 100 and 180 degree position sensors (not supplied)
B&G, Raymarine and Simrad equipment require our STBG interface (contact us for more information).



–  CV7-C ultrasonic wind sensor  with a 700 mm vertical carbon pole
– RM-CANBUS interface for rotating mast
– Mounting bracket
– Cable (25 m) 4 X 0.22 mm²
– User and installation manual
– 2year warranty, parts and labour in our premises 

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1 344.00 Euros exc. VAT
1 612.80 Euros incl. VAT